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Thao Dien Eco Wellness story

Story of friends

From the beginning in December 2016 our place was known as Thao Dien Yoga what was conceived as a yoga studio. At that time the idea came to one brave single mother woman Hanna, whose family was always into sport and during teenager time she even helped her sister to make classes in a first sport center in Da Nang. With a help of her daughter Evy who helped to bring some art into studio decoration, yoga instructor Oanh and Zumba instructor Thery they started to make first classes.

More and more activities was coming: Aqua yoga and Zumba, Zumba and yoga for kids, Mat Pilates with Agnes, Lomi Lomi and Yoga Stretch massages, even Diem Chan facial and Reiki healings. The studio was and remains opened for the volunteers and freelance travelers from different countries to demonstrate their knowledge in body development and health improving.

Since beginning Hanna keep improving her professional skills by any chance and one of those opportunities was Saigon OM yoga school where she mat a lot friends. Saigon OM brought us great instructors like Rie, Chinh and Phuong.

Growing bigger Thao Dien Yoga went out of just yoga studio concept and have become Thao Dien Eco Wellness. Our house became a hub of different wellness activities, healthy lifestyle morality and healthy food propagation with care for the nature.

Story of love

I came Asia same December 2016. I got a job offer at that time in one of IT companies. And that's where my journey have started. I started to explore Asia and Vietnam in particular. And after a while decided to stay Saigon for a living. I have tried yoga for the first time in my life at the beginning of 2018 at Thao Dien Yoga studio. I remember it was Hanna's weekend afternoon class. And I fall in love in this art of movements - yoga - at first :) Later on my curiosity and motivation start growing and I start to do yoga by any chance I have. Then I left my office job and joined Vipassana at Phuoc Son Monastery where I finally decided to change my life. I joined Thao Dien Yoga as a volunteer and start to practice every day. And at the beginning of 2019 I have started to teach my own yoga classes.

During my lifestyle changes as a yogis I discover Hanna as care person with a kind heart, great teacher and funny social person. Hope she found something worthwhile in me as well. Long story short - just before 3rd anniversary of rebranded Thao Dien Eco Wellness we got married. Slowly developing our baby studio till present day ...

Story of Kombucha and a tea

Started all from Middle Autumn Festival event which we organized after passing by Hanna Vietnamese tea ceremony courses. So it was her first performance in front of our friends. Since then Hanna fall in love with tea and decided to make something even more fun. Luckily there was a kombucha workshop in town. Learned the technique and with passion to culinary Hanna started make her first samples and give to try for a friends and people around. Having gone the path of mistakes, a lot of label samples designed by me, bottles types, dirty ceiling and clothes after unexpectable pop ups or bottle explosions and strange mixes for now we have 15 flavors, 3 full fridges and more then 100 liters sales per month.

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Great story and journey,I’m really happy to be part of your journey in your center.and I want to say you both are very supportive of helping beginners .your center has very friendly environment 🤗


Ha Le
Ha Le
Jan 08, 2021

Thanks for bringing us a place to be mindful about self and around. Think good, feel good and do good.


Thank you for being there, you are my motivation where ever I am.


beautiful like you guys.....sunlights brighting in your eyes has a reflex of our love

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