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What Is Cosmic Energy Meditation And What Are Its Benefits?

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

We all become stuck in life at times, and no force on this planet seems to be able to aid us. That is when you must start cosmic energy meditation! Being at peace with yourself and living in the current moment allows you to absorb cosmic energy. Cosmic energy meditation has the power to transform your life in a positive way! Do you want to learn more about it and how to do it? Keep reading!

What Is Cosmic Energy?

Cosmic energy is the life force that is existent everywhere. It is present in the cosmos, between the galaxies, the molecules and in the space. It is essential to maintain the order in life and expand our consciousness. Cosmic energy is received by being at peace with one’s own self and living in the present moment. Blissfulness is the basic characteristic of cosmic energy. It is a state of mind that combines peace, love and joy.

Cosmic energy is the basis of all our actions, reactions to situations and functions in totality. Our body receives some amount of cosmic energy when we are asleep in total silence and with peace of mind. Cosmic energy is essential for the following reasons:

  • To maintain an orderly life

  • To lead a happy and healthy life

  • To obtain knowledge

  • To completely involve in all the situations in life

  • To expand our consciousness

What Religion And Philosophy Say:

As per Hindu philosophy, this energy is known as Kashmir Shaivism or Spiritual energy or Prana. The cosmic energy is thought to be the source of kundalini. Certain New Age authors refer to this energy as quantum zero vacuum point energy and as orgone energy.

Benefits Of Cosmic Energy Meditation:

Our body and mind are surrounded by an energy field, which is nourished by cosmic energy. This positive energy always helps in the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual self. Cosmic energy reduces negativity, aids in complete healing and creates harmony in life. Some physical benefits of cosmic energy are listed below:

  1. Cosmic energy supports the regulation of blood flow and lowers the stress on the heart.

  2. Cosmic energy helps in lowering cortisol and lactate levels in the body. These are often associated with mental stress.

  3. Cosmic energy helps in eliminating free radicals from the body.

  4. Cosmic energy does wonders in treating all psychological issues such as anxiety, irritability and depression.

  5. Cosmic energy aids in healing cardiovascular diseases and develops skin resistance.

  6. Cosmic energy helps to improve the memory function. It plays an excellent role in enhancing the psychological self by supporting the self-actualization and rejuvenation feelings.

Cosmic Energy And Meditation:

There is abundant cosmic energy in the cosmos. This energy can be channelized by using chakras, breathing exercises or energy healing. However, the best and simplest way to acquire this positive energy is through meditation.

  1. Cosmic energy enters our body through the mind. Meditation helps our mind to be calm and focused to receive this cosmic energy.

  2. In most individuals, the chakras may be partially closed most of the time due to mental distractions such as stress, anxiety, fear, negative emotions and worries. Cosmic energy enters our system through the chakras and supports the individual energy field of the body.

  3. During meditation, the mind and body tends to become one. This makes the physical and spiritual self ready to receive cosmic energy and aids in cosmic energy healing.

  4. Experts suggest that cosmic energy can also be channelized through meditation. This meditation imparts calmness of mind and develops inner peace. When the mind is calm, it can receive the cosmic energy.

  5. By focusing on breathing through the base chakra and absorbing energy from the earth, one will be able to increase the body energy in a short period.

  6. Reiki works on the principle of accessing cosmic energy and internal energy as well. This is another excellent method of receiving cosmic energy through meditation.

Cosmic energy meditation helps you transform your life by enabling you to make peace with your inner self and stay in the present. It helps expand your consciousness, obtain knowledge, and lead a happy and orderly life. Moreover, this meditation technique aids in healing the mental, spiritual, and physical self, warding off negativity, improving blood flow, reducing stress, treating cardiovascular diseases, and improving memory. So, practice this meditation every day to activate the seven chakras and channel the cosmic energy into your body.

How do you access cosmic knowledge?

To access cosmic knowledge, you must understand your true self. After that, motivate yourself to achieve intuitive guidance and gradually make your mind still. After completing this, release a question that impacts you significantly. Look for awareness and sync with your feelings and your body. If done correctly, you will experience a sensation in your body. Whatever is the message that you can infer from this sensation, trust it.


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