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Kaoshikii - Yoga Dance

Based on a clever and effective coordinated movements that promote the function of our biotensegrity human structure and physiology. Very simple, clear and concise step by step easy to follow and master and practice.


on physical level

  • gives immense energy and composure mind throughout a day

  • improves digestion, elimination system, genital and urinary systems

  • makes the spine strong and flexible

  • helps to normalize hormonal secretion

  • gives good complexion

  • removes wrinkles and excess weight

  • promotes longevity

on mental level

  • removes hopelessness, anxiety, depression, insomnia

on spiritual level

  • good for meditation

  • improves and enhances interceptive awareness

  • gives concentration, focus of mind

  • it is a source of inspiration for the mind

Welcome to visit our Wellness Retreat events happening around to try it our in a group. Follow up us on social media and stay subscribed to our newsletters. Source -

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