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Niyama #1 - Saucha - Cleanliness

Shaoca means purity of mind and body. It includes the cleanliness of one’s external world such as the body, clothing, and environment, as well as the internal world of the mind and the spiritual world. External cleanliness can be achieved by regular cleaning of the body and the environment, while the internal purity of mind can be attained by auto-suggestion. That is, one must substitute a good thought in place of a destructive thought. For example, if one feels greedy, one should think about and then perform a generous action.

--- Why do we need cleanliness? --- Cleanliness is staying near divinity. If you are clean inside then you are very close to the divinity, very developed spiritually. We have already everything inside us (e.g. happiness), we don't need to achieve any. All that we need to do is to open these things. And these things are hidden under the layer of internal pollution. So we need to become aware of this pollute and work on it.

--- Types of cleanliness --- 1. External physical cleanliness - the body, clothes, environment (house, apartment...) 2. Internal physical cleanliness - the body organs and systems, your health. Be sure that all that you eat, drink and breath are clean, do not derive pollution 3. External mental cleanliness - information from people, advertisement, television, radio. 4. Internal mental cleanliness - thoughts !Be sure that you keep purity in this aspects!

--- Types of thought that pollute our mind --- - 'Kama' - concupiscent. Any wish, passion, the pleasure of the senses, affection, love or enjoyment of life. - 'Krodha' - fury, rage, or indignation. - 'Lobha' - greed, sensuality, lust, desire or attachment to a sensory object. - 'Mada' - pride, arrogance or the intoxication of pride. - 'Matsarya' - stinginess or miserliness. Being incapable of enjoying one’s own possessions and other material objects, clinging to them and being unwilling to part with them or share them with others. - 'Moha' - affection, delusion, confusion, dullness. It is sometimes synonymous with "ignorance".

--- How to practice? --- Be conscious of your eyes, ears and other sources of receiving information. Avoid things which lead to degeneration of consciousness.

- Body - Try to use as fewer chemicals and cosmetic for your body. The main things you need for your body cleaning is a natural soap and essential oils sometimes. All other things can be easily omitted. If you keep healthy eating habits then your skin will always smell good and naturally without any artificial deodorants.

- House and clothes. - Same rule for house chemicals. Better to avoid strong chemicals with strong scent for your house cleaning and clothes washing. Search for natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, etc.

- Food - It is better to stick to a lactovegetarian diet. So that your body will have the ability and time to deduce slag and stay clean. Eat healthy, balance with the meal, mix ingredients in a correct way. Learn about food more. Periodically detox your body and do fasting as we still can't totally eat 100% natural eco food nowadays. During fasting your body switch from consumer mode into cleaning mode. So that our body can take care of itself, just need to give an opportunity and right conditions for it.

- Information - Movies, books, music, games and other external information. Filter information around and consume that content which not cause the degradation of your mind.

- Thoughts - Every time you have bad thoughts (e.g. aggression, anger, pride, superiority, attachment, egoism, etc.) change them to the opposite one. Watch and track your thoughts, program your brain. For example, you are looking at a person you don't like, that's mean you have some aggression deeply inside of you. Think opposite - it's my friend, I want him to be happy. For example, the next emotions change (program your brain) to the opposite: Concupiscent -> discreet, hold back your impulse of passion (think with your head, don't follow instincts blindly) Fury -> friendliness, be friendly to others no matter what you feel inside about them Greed -> generous, share some money, food with others Arrogance -> modest, be grateful for criticism (humility) Jealousy -> proud, be happy for others Affection -> cold, be happy for others

- Spiritual (Karma) - The pollution of experience from the past, from previous lives. The seeds that were planted before and which may affect on you now forced to suffer or enjoy. Cleanse your Karma -> meditate, sing or spell mantras, Shaoca (be tidy)

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