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Dear Noble community,

Hopefully this email finds you all well, in this weekend's start::))

I really wish you will be able to generate energies of restoration, re- freshness and love.

Few points for our Sangha.

Tomorrow we will continue our deepen process of mindfulness of the body as essential practice for Mindfulness.

We will introduce and practice mindfulness walking as an important embodiment activities.

I will encourage you to come a bit earlier in order to give yourself time to settle down , quite and feel arrived.

I would ask if any of you have an Apple HDMI adapter to connect my computer with the screen at Studio,?

- Hue Roots temple visit;

Some of Hue's Lays Sangha Friends are happy to meet and join-in us, about the monastery Im still wait an official reply, any way on Sunday 4 the Monastery will organise for everyone a Mindfulness open day from the morning to the afternoon, so we are welcome to be-in.

Personally I would fly Friday 2th April evening to Hue and come back on Sunday 4th Evening here in Saigon.

ll prices are in Vietnam Dong Departure Flight From: Ho Chi Minh To: HueDeparture Date: 13:50Fare: 99,000 VND Charge: 430,000 VND Tax: 40,900 VND Total: 569,900 VND Return Flight From: Hue To: Ho Chi MinhReturn Date: 15:50Fare: 199,000 VND Charge: 430,000 VND Tax: 50,900 VND Total: 679,900 VND Grand Total: 1,249,800 VND

During our time there, from Saturday afternoon we could plan activities in meeting lays sangha friends and enjoy time and practice together.

From Sunday morning we will join the Mindfulness day at the temple, before coming back to Saigon in the evening.

For the ones who are interested we could spend sometimes after the meeting.

Bowing in gratitude to all of you


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