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Nattime pH5 Probiotic Shampoo

#Vegan product


#No harmful chemicals


#No micro plastics


#No preservatives from paraben (kerosene)


#Helps reduce hair loss


#Prevent dandruff


#Recover damage due to chemicals


️With 100% natural ingredients: probiotics from soybean sprouts, pandan leaves, grapefruit essential oil, aloe vera extract, emulsifier from rapeseed, etc.


️Formed with the whole heart through many studies to bring the customers the BEST product.


- Supports cleaning the hair, removing dirt and plaque on the hair, helping to purify the hair


- Strengthens the hair shaft


- Repairs damage caused by chemicals. 🥰Special fragrance, helps to relax. 🥰 Thick substance, viscous form, does not cause sticky hair. 🥰 Safe for both pregnant women and children.

Nattime pH5 Probiotic Shampoo helps balance pH and scalp ecology thanks to the exclusive ingredient Biobacii™. Therefore, the Probiotic Shampoo has the effect of cleaning, removing dirt and skin flakes on the hair, helping to purify the hair and replenishing nutrients to help reduce breakage and tangles, helping you to nourish your hair and have a beautiful thick and shiny hair.





Vegan ingredient list


- Not tested on animals


- Completely free of harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and microplastics



100% natural ingredients, extremely benign. Safe for even the most sensitive scalp. Shampoo has natural fragrance from pure essential oils without using synthetic fragrances.



The ingredient list is 99% biodegradable. So it is very environmentally friendly, completely free of micro plastics.



After using up, you can bring the bottles to Limart's stations to refill.


Bottles made of HDPE, can be recycled, do not release toxic substances when used for a long time. Therefore, it can be reused many times, helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste. This type of packaging contributes to environmental protection.











BIOBACII™ probiotics from soybean sprouts: Balances the ecosystem for the hair, provides nutrients and creates a protective barrier for the skin. CITRIC ACID (PH Regulator from lemon): contributes to the scalp's natural pH balance (5-5.5) and relieves scalp itching. Powerful antioxidant ingredients help the hair grow healthily, prevent hair loss and thinning. Gently removes dead skin cells/excess oil on the scalp and removes skin flakes for smoother hair.

VEGETABLE GLYCERIN: strengthens the scalp's moisture, while creating a barrier to prevent the scalp from losing moisture, helping to regulate oil production on the scalp. Excellent moisturizer for dry hair while being antibacterial. Promotes stronger hair growth and maintains frizz.


Grapefruit Essential Oil: Stimulates hair growth, helps reduce dandruff and breakage. Rich in vitamin C to protect the hair, help prevent bad effects from UV rays, create a natural fragrance to help relax.


Pandan Leaf Juice: Helps nourish to make the hair healthier and smoothier. Helps reduce dandruff and breakage.


Aloe Vera Extract: soothes itchy scalp, removes excess oil to help deep clean, contains many vitamins to strengthen the hair and repair damaged hair.






Store at room temperature, in a cool, dry place.



Gently cleans and removes dirt from the hair.

Purify the scalp and hair.

Balances pH and scalp ecology.

Moisturizes and does not dry the hair after washing.

Stimulates hair growth and reduces breakage.

Helps reduce dandruff.

Nourishes thick and shiny hair.

Use with Nattime Moisturizing Probiotic Conditioner for better results.

Nattime pH5 Probiotic Shampoo

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