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The Wool Dryer Balls are made from New Zealand fleece and are processed without chemicals in Nepal.


Each of these large balls can be reused up to 1000 drying times in 2-4 years.


Wool Balls for Washing and Drying clothes not only save on washing costs, but are also environmentally friendly.


Not only does it soften the fabric, this fleece washing ball also removes pet hair from clothes.


This type of ball acts as a flexible brush that removes static electricity to soften fabrics and reduce detergent residue left on clothes.


These Balls used for a variety of washers and dryers. Does not break due to impact and easily moves inside the washing machine. Limart wool balls do not damage the quality of the fabric, but also make it softer.


During the operation of the washing machine, Limart Wool Balls help clean clothes and help the washing machine avoid clogging the drains due to excessive hair or fabric clinging.


When in use, the wool balls will move around the machine. This provides more air to blow to make dry clothes faster.


The wool balls prevent heavy items such as blankets, towels, and jeans from being rolled up during the drying process.



Natural fleece material is safe to use and environmentally friendly.


The Wool Ball processing process does not use harmful chemicals.


Save 30-40% time, the Wool Balls help dry clothes faster.


High durability, using time up to 1000 times of drying.


Have the ability to soften the fabric during the drying process.


Clean pet hair clinging to clothes.


Help prevent heavy items not being rolled together when drying.


Can be suitable for a wide range of washers and dryers.





MATERIAL: New Zealand fleece


WEIGHT: 25gram


COLOR: White


SIZE: 7cm diameter  




Try putting a few drops of essential oil on each ball when drying will help bring out a light smell to your clothes!

Keep the Dryer Balls away from pets. They will think they are interesting toys.

Reduce static electricity further by making sure clothes do not dry out excessively. Try taking off your clothes earlier than usual.

2-3 Wool Balls is the right amount if you are drying a few items.

Use 4-6 Wool Dryer Balls for larger loads.

For extremely large loads of clothes, it is recommended to use 10 Dryer Wool Balls.

Limart Wool Dryer Balls

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