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Limart Super Large Foldable Tote Bag has many vivid and beautiful designs with animal shapes that are easy to fold, lightweight, with keychains.

 Limart Super Large Foldable Tote Bag


Many vivid and beautiful designs of colorful animals, each design creates a unique, cute, and many options for users.


With a convenient design that is easy to open, fold and bring to the supermarket to store fruits and vegetables. The bag does not have a zipper so that the mouth of the bag is wider, can hold more items, helping you to optimize the function.


Easy to fold, lightweight, with keychain, always accompanies you when going out.


With strong seams, easy to wash and dry, you can wash the washing machine at will


Polyester fabric is easy to clean with glossy, smooth fabric that makes it impossible for dirt to stick to it, has outstanding high durability, comfortable washing without worrying about fading.



Made in China


Material: Polyester


Maximum load: 10kg




Reuse many times, reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment

There is a hook to hang on and a keychain so you don't forget to bring it when you go out

Make the key cluster more beautiful, the "goldfish brains" do not accidentally forget or drop the key.

Easy to carry when going to the supermarket, going to the market, traveling, picnic, …

Making a very meaningful gift and spreading the spirit of green living to everyone around, contributing to reducing plastic waste in the ocean.

The bag has 2 small inner pockets convenient to store small items, avoiding loss.

Limart Super Large Foldable Tote Bag

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