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In the midst of these hot days, wherever you go, you should carry your own water bottle to "rescue thirst" anytime, anywhere without having to entangle many plastic cups/bottles.


The bottle is covered with bamboo wood that is both rustic and luxurious, why not bring "the loved one" around the world 😉😉😉


🔅In addition, we can engrave your names on the bottle with only 20,000d 😲. Inbox us with engraved content.

Limart Dual Layer Insulated Bottle (Wood) is convenient to carry and limit the use of plastic cups.


Limart Dual Layer Insulated Bottle (Wood) has a friendly and beautiful bamboo outer cover, creating a pleasant feeling when holding. Wood material always brings a sense of luxury and classic to the users. Therefore, this Limart bottle is very suitable as a gift for important customers…


In the increasingly polluted environment, the climate is also changing in a bad direction. Environmental protection awareness is an important factor to improve this situation. Change consumption habits, reduce the amount of disposable items such as plastic cups, plastic boxes, .... Instead, use items that can be reused many times such as wood bottles, silicone cups, silicone lunch boxes, etc.


Limart Dual Layer Insulated Bottle (Wood) is both economical because it can be used many times and is still safe for health, while contributing to protecting the living environment, but also can engrave on images, messages ... bearing the individual mark.




SIZE: height 20cm, diameter 6.5cm


WEIGHT: 350g




MATERIAL: The bottle consists of 2 layers


The bottle cover is made of 100% natural bamboo wood.

Core is made of stainless steel


Bamboo wood outer cover, safe and environmentally friendly.


Beautiful and elegant design.


An alternative to disposable plastic cups.


Good heat retention, can hold a variety of hot / cold drinks.


Makes it easy to carry when going out, going to school, going to work.


Can engrave name/ company logo to create its own imprint.


Save money because it can be reused many times

Limart Dual Layer Insulated Bottle (Wood)– 500ml

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