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The Limart water bottle holder is made of thick diver fabric, has high bearing capacity and heat resistance, and comes with a convenient strap for portability.


The product offers an extremely secure and fashionable using experience. Very convenient for daily use.


In addition, with good insulation, the product also helps protect the users from unnecessary burns when using hot water bottles.






The material is completely made of thick diver fabric to make the product durable and highly elastic

With this material, the product is completely easy for cleaning after use.

Diver fabric has good heat retention, both helping to keep the heat of the water bottle, and at the same time helping to insulate for the users, safe for the users, and non-toxic.

There’s no dyes printed on the fabrics.




Used for the bottle with its size 36oz (~1000ml): 20cm x 8.5cm

Used for the bottle with its size: 64oz (~1900ml): 20cm x 11cm



Highly durable, does not lose its shape after each wash.

Easy to clean.

Designed with a strap for convenient carrying.




PRESERVATION: To help the product last longer and use longer, it is recommended to wash it by hand instead of machine.



Durable: From fabric to thread, all meet enough durability to be used for a long time


The color is simple but no less delicate.


Stylish and eye-catching design.


Environmentally friendly.


Can be reused many times.


Can be folded, convenient to carry in a backpack and use in necessary cases.


Can replace disposableplastic bags

Limart bottle Holder with drawer

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