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RESULT FUNGI STOP is a healing organic product for foot and footwear hygiene, containing no alcohol or chemicals. It has healthy effect on skin, has no odor, possesses natural antibacterial and antifungal effect of organic silver, zinc and copper; efficiently neutralizes unpleasant odor of feet, footwear and socks and the reasons that cause it; helps heal skin and wounds; disinfects, tones up and nourishes skin; has preventive effect on fungi and their spores. Any items treated with the product become antibacterial. The product comes in a convenient-to-use sprayer. The package includes a stylish natural fiber bag with a catch lock for convenient carrying, storage and protection

against ‘prying eyes’.

May be used on all types of skin, fabric and footwear.


FOOTWEAR ODOR: clean, rinse with warm water or wash the footwear. Take inner soles out and wash them. Thoroughly wet the inside of the footwear, inner soles or socks with the product and let it dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

FUNGUS, FOOT ODOR: apply to clean feet (soles, nails, toes). Let your feet dry. Repeat after

every washing of feet. When treating fungus, apply 3-4 times a day.
NAIL FUNGUS COMPRESS: wrap the nail(s) with a bandage or fabric. Wet the

fabric with the product. Put a finger stall on or wrap it in a film. Hold for 1-5 hours. Repeat during

3-7 days.

silver, zinc, copper, citric acid, deionized water.

Fungi spray NanoSvit

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