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Eco-friendly bamboo brush

If we change our toothbrush regularly every 6 months, an average of 1 year will have nearly 15 billion toothbrushes thrown into the environment. Most toothbrushes are made of plastic and the amount of waste takes more than 1000 years to decompose. This is a burden for our Earth and waste treatment units. Change your consumption habits with Limart Bamboo Brush to help protect the environment.




Limart currently has 2 sizes suitable for your whole family:


Adult Brush: 17.5 cm included the 2,7 cm brush bristles


Baby Brush: 14.5 cm included the 2,7 cm brush bristles



Brush body: 100% natural bamboo material


Brush bristles: high quality nylon material, BPA free, tough and soft nylon, will not hurt gums.


Why does Limart not choose another brush with more environmentally friendly bristles? Other brush bristles may be more eco-friendly. However, there are currently no 100% biodegradable brush bristles. What's more, these bristles are not soft and can cause discomfort when caring for your teeth. Limart is also looking forward to more modern inventions to help the brush be both environmentally friendly and ensure the oral health of the users.




After using, you should leave the brush in a dry place, to help avoid mold.





100% bamboo brush body is highly biodegradable, environmentally friendly.


Soft bristles, BPA free, safe and comfortable to use.


Bamboo brush comes in 2 sizes suitable for your whole family.


Compact, light, easy to carry when stored in Limart Bamboo Brush Holder.

Eco-friendly bamboo brush

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