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O’DEO - effective organic microelement odorless deodorant for men (120 ml)
O’DEO (Organic DEOdorant) is the first effective organic odorless deodorant that fully utilizes the
natural properties of trace elements and has a positive effect on the skin.
-Odorless and fragrance-free (does not interrupt perfume)
-NEUTRALIZES THE CAUSE OF THE ODOR - bacteria and their waste products
-WITHOUT ALUMINIUM and its compounds ("aluminum";, "alunites", "alum", etc.)
-NO PARABENS, alcohol, aldehydes
-does not leave polymer traces and seals on clothes
-does not block sweat glands and lymphatic system
-heals the skin, relieves irritation after shaving under the armpits
-restores glands and skin after prolonged use of antiperspirants

-one 120 ml bottle = up to 4 months of reliable protection

O’DEO is a trace element deodorant that guarantees freshness and odorlessness throughout the day, even with heavy sweating. It does not mask, but reliably protects against unpleasant odors. Does not contain allergens, fragrances, stabilizers and other toxins. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
INDISPENSABLE FOR SPORTS - unlike antiperspirants, it does not clog sweat glands or block the
lymphatic system. It does not interfere with the body`s natural cooling and heat transfer. During training, sweat is released normally, but is completely odorless. The organic composition is suitable for people suffering from diabetes, allergies, asthma attacks. It has a soothing and healing effect on the skin. O’DEO is refined and caring. A unique trace element deodorant for stylish and modern men. It is a great
gift for yourself and the people you care about.
Apply to clean skin (1-3 taps on the sprayer)
Spread evenly with your finger over the armpit area
Keep on the skin for 15-20 seconds
Remove excess moisture with a napkin, allow to dry completely
Apply in the morning after a shower, or as needed
silver citrate*, zinc citrate, copper citrate, citric acid, water.
* Citrates are organic compounds of trace elements with natural citric acid. Recognized by the
world community and recommended by the UNESCO Trace Element Institute
Trace elements (organic silver, copper and zinc) are manufactured using the latest patented
environmentally friendly technologies that ensure the complete absence of inorganic substances and
impurities (nitrates, sulfates, chlorides) and other auxiliary chemicals (deodorant without parabens,
aluminum salts, stabilizers, thickeners, allergens, dyes, flavors and other toxins).


ODEO is an innovative drug with an organic composition that requires compliance with certain
rules of use and storage.
1. ODEO is NOT an antiperspirant! O'DEO is a deodorant that protects against unpleasant odors.
It does not perform the functions of antiperspirants: it does not block the glands and does not
artificially reduce sweat! When using O'DEO, sweat will be released exactly as much as your body
requires. Regular artificial blocking of sweat production (especially during exercise) is a dangerous
trend that disrupts very important natural metabolic and cooling processes. When using
antiperspirants and blocking the sweat glands under the armpits, the body significantly increases
sweating in other parts of the body (back, forehead, etc.) With the daily use of antiperspirants,
sweat ducts lose their ability to close completely, which leads to uncontrollable sweating
immediately after the antiperspirant ends. One of the additional functions of O'DEO is to restore
and normalize the functioning of the sweat glands after they are damaged by antiperspirants. The
body must sweat and cool down AS IT NEEDS! But sweat should not stink. O'DEO deodorant was
developed to protect against odor.
2. ODEO has the consistency of ordinary WATER! And the absence of polymers and thickeners is a
unique feature and advantage of O'DEO. If you are looking for thick gel and polymer preparations
that "do not look like water", "have color" and necessarily "have a smel" - we ask you not to buy
O'DEO and not to repeat the above mass market markers in the comments. The developers of
ODEO profess completely different principles, and the deodorant itself has a completely different
3. ODEO deodorant is intended only for the skin, and the trace elements in its composition must be
absorbed by the body! Do not apply to clothing or other surfaces. O'DEO has an organic
composition. When it comes into contact with clothing and other surfaces, organic matter comes
into contact with ultraviolet light and chemical compounds from the air, which leads to the
formation of unpredictable inorganic molecules that can change color and leave stains. O'DEO
should be absorbed by the body, not by clothes or parquet. In case of contact with white clothes - do
not let dry, rinse with water or soap solution.
4. O'DEO deodorant should not be sprayed on the skin more than 3 times for each armpit! THE
EFFECT WILL NOT BECOME STRONGER! The deodorant is effective and leaves no residue
(see point 2 above) only when applied correctly.
5. Do not combine ODEO with other deodorants and antiperspirants! The chemical composition of
almost all popular deodorants and antiperspirants contains inorganic substances that can destroy
the organic trace elements in ODEO and neutralize the effect.
6. The body needs to adapt to the organic composition of ODEO deodorant. Depending on the
medications you used before purchasing ODEO, the adaptation period can be from 1 to 10 days.
The skin of the underarm area should be cleansed of residual toxins and inorganic chemicals from
the products you used before.
7. DO NOT LEAVE ODEO IN THE SUN! Avoid exposure to ultraviolet light! Ultraviolet light
destroys organic complexes of trace elements in ODEO and may reduce the effectiveness of the

Deodorant O'Deo

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