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Reusable Stainless Steel Razor



Using this stainless steel razor is much more economical. The razor type with plastic handle you only use once then you have to throw it away because the blade cannot be changed. But with this razor, you can change blades comfortably.


The blade part is recyclable and also does not release plastic into the environment every month 😁


You will get 5 more blades for FREE 😍


The rotating handle can adjust the depth of the blade, changing the blade easily, the product is compact and easy to carry when going out.

It's not just girls who need to take care of themselves but men also, in order to have a decent appearance, let's start with shaving. The Limart Stainless Steel High Razor is a great assistant for those who are new to shaving. With a 1-blade structure, limiting facial skin damage due to not being used to handling like the type with 2-3 blades.


Don't want to use disposable razors that increase the amount of waste? Refer to Limart Stainless Steel Razor right now. Stainless steel is extremely durable. You can reuse it many times, saving you money.


There are up to 6 levels of blade adjustment, giving you the best experience. The versatility of the blade is suitable for many purposes and users. With the same razor, you can change blades to "clean up" the areas you want. No need to use many razors with unchangable blade.


In addition, the design is also extremely luxurious and modern. This will be an extremely delicate gift to give to your loved ones.



PRODUCT SET INCLUDES: 1 razor 5 blades


The blade can be changed


CAN ADJUST THE BLADES: 6 levels of adjustment


MATERIAL: stainless steel




Length: 10cm

Razor blade holder width: 5cm

COLOR: 1 silver gray



✅ Durable with reusable stainless steel material.


✅ An alternative to disposable razors to help protect the environment


✅ Suitable for beginners who are not used to 2-3 blade razors.


✅ Razor body design makes it easy to hold.


✅ 6 levels of blade adjustment suitable for all subjects.


✅ Delicate design can be used as a gift.


✅ Compact, easy to carry


✅ Economical: 1 blade body can be replaced and used many times.

Reusable Stainless Steel Razor

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