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Kombucha homemade drink

₫80,000 / 0,33l (pick up in the studio or Grab delivery)

*empty bottle cash refund - ₫40,000

Flavors: apple, acerola cherry, beetroot-ginfer, ginger-turmeric, grape, green kumquat, hibiscus, mandarin, mango, lemongrass, passion fruit, pineapple, pomegranate, strawberry, tropical fruit.

Kombucha 330ml

SKU: 002
  • Homemade probiotic drink with life cultures inside.
    Keep refrigirated (about 4°C).
    Don't shake before drink and be aware of gas surge when oppening.
    If your drink is too sweet you may keep it in room tempreture conditions untill the taste became more sour.

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