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Limart brushes for scrubbing cookers, pots and pans are manufactured with sturdy and durable materials. Strong bristles for quick and convenient scrubbing.

Limart brush for scrubbing cookers, pots and pans

Limart brushes for scrubbing cookers, pots and pans are manufactured with sturdy and durable materials. The brush body is made of oak and the bristles are made from natural coconut fibers or Tampico fibers that are water-absorbent and sturdy for scrubbing cookers, pans, dishes, water bottles. ..


For a long time, “dishwashing pads” are no longer strange in cleaning kitchen household products. However, in the process of scrubbing, the threads of bristles made of metal or plastic of poor quality, high impurities, or old thread is easily broken and sticks to the handles of the cookers, and pans, if careless, it will fall into the food. Metal threads will creep into the intestinal wall causing intestinal obstruction, which can even cause enteritis, intestinal tear and other injuries.

Using the Limart Brush can help reduce this risk.





Oak wood has good resistance to decay and rot, using oak as the body of the brush will help the life of the brush be longer and more durable.

Tampico is a natural ingredient from Mexico. Compared with synthetic fibers, Tampico fibers have better water absorption and water retention capacity..

The bristles are firmly attached to the brush head, preventing shedding when used.



Round head: Oak wood base, coconut fiber bristles, heat resistant and insulated.

Long handle: Oak wood body and base, Tampico fiber bristles. And more especially, there is a replaceable brush head, just buy once and replace the brush head, which can be reused many times and protects the environment.

Brush for scrubbing water bottle: Oak wood body, coconut fiber bristles. This brush can be bent or straightened, making it convenient to keep the water tank as clean as possible.


Has high durability

Has good heat resistance.

Waterproof, no mold on the brush head and body.


Easy to clean.

The sturdy bristles make the cleaning process easier and cleaner, saving time.





Easily blow away the sticky patches on cookers and pans when burned.


Environmentally friendly.


Can be reused many times.



Brush body: 97,000 VND

Brush head: 70,000 VND

Eco-friendly replaceable brushes

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