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Dear Noble Sangha,

A warmth and joyful smile to you all from Hue'.

I hope that you are all doing more than well, despite the difficulties linked with the new Covid Outbreak in Saigon.

I'm good here in Hue, Initially I planned to travel to the north but after the new wave I decided to keep staying here in Hue'. The city is beautiful, I have some good friends and I'm closer to my umaster temple, so even if I miss my daughters in Saigon I feel happy here.

I would share with you all that normally I have a reminder of you all in my mind and my spirit and I'm very thankful that I can have a Sangha on Which I can count and walk together.

Thank you all for your presence, support and spirit.

Allow me to share a very inspiring short talk from our Master, focus on the sutra of The Second Arrow( Buddha).

The sutra and the talk share that if there is a kind of suffering that is inevitable, almost necessary, that is part of our life as an absolute truth (first arrow

) it is equally true that there is another kind of suffering which is unnecessary (second arrow) as result of our erroneous reaction to the first arrow.

Thus the path of the practitioner allows to avoid that the second arrow hits us with the possibility of transforming the suffering of the first arrow into an opportunity to generate an authentic happiness within us.

In the talk, Thay also emphasizes how it is necessary not to emphasize the pain that we can generally experience in our life ,of its transitory nature and how we must not become attached to it in order to reduce its negative effects on us.

Enjoy dear Friends and see you soon.


Marc Nguyen


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